The Caped

Brings something that no news organization does TRUTH we dig deep into all the scandals, crimes, and lies they commit daily 


From interviews to deep dives into every news organization

Episode 1

Inside CNN

A deep look into the crimes committed by the staff and covered up by the management. The episode goes into the history of CNN up to current events looking into the crimes and allegations that have been brought throughout the years. Questioning why are they still in business when the facts will show their management has participated in some of these crimes. 

Episode 2

MSNBC the horror show 

From the death of an intern that was covered up to protect a top host, rape allegations, and a top host who is homophobic and racist. The story behind this channel will deeply upset you. Listener discretion advised  

Episode 3

Fox News or Fox buy our books and sign up for Fox nation

In 25 years, there have been more scandals than any other channel, all mainly around sexual misconduct. This channel which once claimed to be fair and balanced is all about making you pay more. This episode explores what it’s like to work inside America’s newsroom and how the hosts and staff feel about each other. We also dig deep into the money paid.

Episode 4

Strange News

 The other side of the News is like dark matter. You can’t see it, but you know it’s there. From Yahoo News to Facebook or META, Twitter to Google, none call themselves News, but they all are, only allowing stories they want to go viral and kicking anyone off their sites if they disagree agree. This is where today’s money is Watch YouTube; you’ll get commercial after commercial. This is News Cash Cow   

Episode 5

The Big Three 


This is the heart of the lies, each one has had more scandals, more crimes committed than all others. 

They are news, they control news all other news is afraid of them. We will be digging in deep here looking throughout the years at everything we’ve told to compile a True Crime report any DA would love to charge.  

Episode 6

Print media how they set the tone. Print news is the great-granddaddy of all news.

What they write or fabricate is what every other news repeats 100’s of times a day. The problem is they are where lies are born. From saying Ukraine was great in 1932 to denying the holocaust, to  Fake Russia News to promoting war now in the Ukraine. These are beasts we must fight to win the war. 


These are the first six episodes of season one

The Caped will come out every Wednesday; more episodes include an interviewer with the most attacked man in American history and a deep look into the war the news wants for ratings.